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Pressure Washing

We offer multiple services for your facilities using hot water and chemistry to make a noticeable impact on your property. Concrete cleaning, building cleaning, and equipment cleaning are some of your choices. Sidewalks, entryways, drive-thrus, dumpster pads, and storage lockers are examples of some items we can perform our magic on.

Concrete Cleaning

Many types of soil accumulate on concrete such as sand, dirt, paint, gum, oil, grease, asphalt, moss, mold, and mildew. Using hot water and chemistry, we can clean and brighten your surfaces to look like new again.

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Oil Stain Removal

Concrete is very porous and absorbs oil very quickly. Dirty motor oil is the toughest soil to clean, often leaving an unsightly stain that is very difficult to remove. We have an amazing solution for oil stains in concrete. We have a combination of products that can return your concrete to near original condition.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Our truckmounted cleaning system uses steam and pressure to quickly clean and degrease tile floors. Grout is porous, similar to concrete, absorbs many types of soil, and is a breeding ground for bacteria. Our use of chemistry and heat will quickly return your floors to their original luster.

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Carpet Cleaning

We offer both hot water extraction and very low moisture (VLM) carpet cleaning to meet any need. Our VLM cleaning offers clean carpets that are dry in about an hour. Short drying times are perfect for the hospitality industry with a need to turn rooms around quickly. Built-in stain protectors will keep your carpets looking great between cleanings.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Many businesses have chosen to install Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) not only for the beautiful wood look but for easy maintenance. While they are easier to maintain, they have spaces and voids that get filled with dirt and bacteria. Our deep cleaning can remove those soils and germs and allow the natural shine of the tile to come through. We also clean and polish traditional vinyl floors to bring back the luster and shine.

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Rubber Floor Cleaning

Rubber floors are very comfortable to walk or work out on but are very difficult to clean. The pores of the floor easily trap soil and odors which cannot be removed by simple mopping. We have a cleaning process to remove the soil and bring back the color of your flooring without damage to the surface.

Tub & Shower Cleaning

Bathroom tubs and showers can be very difficult to clean if left neglected. Hard water deposits and soap scum can build quickly, especially if there are multiple users. We have the proper mix of equipment and chemistry to clean any tub or shower and remove the heaviest buildup. Don’t remodel your bathroom when it may just need a thorough cleaning.

Brick and Paver Cleaning

Bricks and pavers are basically concrete blocks that are very porous and absorb all types of soil. We have the right combination of chemistry, heat, and pressure to make them look new again. We can also seal them to resist soils or use a color enhancement sealer to make the colors pop.

Natural Stone Cleaning

Natural stone surfaces require a bit more TLC than most surfaces. We have just the right combination of cleaning and polishing to make your floors pop. Whether you like a mirror finish or a satin finish, we can satisfy your needs.