GrimeBusters USA, LLC

Paula Testimonial

Gene and his son came to clean our tile and carpet in our house in May. The night prior to them coming I had scratched my cornea and in the middle of the night, I went searching for some saline solution because I couldn’t sleep and my eye was in so much pain. I then was bit by a scorpion on my foot because I couldn’t see where I was walking! Had to go to the emergency room and eye clinic the next day so needless to say when Gene and Co arrived I was in no way able to help move items out of their way as I had or originally intended! Both were so gracious and kind and worked their tails off the entire day to make our home beautifully cleaned and shiny! We still are seeing the remnants of their deeds, as our bedroom carpet feels new and “fluffy” ever since they cleaned and months later still does. I am amazed! Most times we have had our carpets cleaned within a month it was back to where it was prior. But not with GrimeBusters! They really do a thorough and complete job! My husband and I both highly recommend their services!

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